5 Reasons to Set Up a Mobile Website to Build Your Local Business
25 Apr 2014

5 Reasons to Set Up a Mobile Website to Build Your Local Business

Build Your Local Business with A Responsive Mobile Website

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An Internet presence is an important part of marketing for a business these days. A quality website combined with a solid social media presence are the minimum required in order to compete with other, similar businesses. In addition to these factors, another feature that can make a difference for a business when it comes to online marketing is a mobile website. Mobile websites are optimized for viewing on phones and other small-screen devices, and there are several reasons why your business would want one.

1. A Better Viewing Experience It is entirely possible to view almost any website on a smartphone. This means that businesses often wonder why there is a need to have a separate mobile website. Well, one of the reasons is that viewing an ordinary website on a smartphone may be possible, but it isn’t very attractive. The graphics get in the way, the text is too small, the screen must be scrolled in four directions to find the appropriate information and it is just generally hard to use.

2. Statistics Statistics don’t lie, and statistics tell us that modern Internet users are overwhelming accessing the web through their smartphones and other mobile devices. The days of the desktop computer user being the main demographic are over. Businesses that want to cater to the average person need to be set up to attract mobile users.


3. Website Navigation A website that doesn’t look very good on a smartphone is even harder to use. It might be difficult to read the tiny text, but it is even more difficult to click on the tiny buttons. Scrolling in four directions in order to find the appropriate information and then finding that the text doesn’t fit on the screen are only two of the problems that can plague users of smartphones on ordinary websites. If navigation is too difficult, the user isn’t likely to stay on the page. This is true even if they haven’t found the information that they wanted.

4. Data Plan Costs The more elaborate the website, the more data it contains. This is fine for users on a broadband Internet connection since these connections are usually unlimited. However, mobile devices are often limited in how much data they can transfer, and smartphone plans usually charge more for higher data allowances. This affects the business website creator because people are unlikely to visit your website if it costs a lot of data. Websites optimized for mobile users contain less data and cost users less to view.

5. Targeting Today’s Users Many people use the Internet for entertainment, information, shopping and more. Many people also use the Internet mostly or exclusively through their mobile devices. This means that many people are entertaining themselves, getting relevant information and shopping on their mobile devices. The companies that are not set up to offer these services through a mobile-optimized website stand to lose out on business. Setting up a mobile website is not a huge effort when considered in terms of how much new business such a website could possibly bring your company.

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